What is the cost involved?

Recruiting and Placement Services
Our number one goal regarding cost is to minimize the amount of risk for everyone involved in each placement.

Our clients pay for our services. We have a simple one page fee agreement explaining our fee structure, our candidate guarantee and our terms of payment. We are happy to design a fee agreement specifically for each of our clients that best suits their business structure. We generally work on a contingency basis so we are not actually paid until we successfully place a candidate with you. Our fees are based on a percentage of the candidate's first years compensation or in some cases a flat amount. Should a client require it, we are open to working in a retained basis as well. Our guarantee is designed to give you a piece of mind during the candidate's first 3 months of employment. There is some risk for each party involved and we do our best to minimize the amount of risk on your end. While we realize that you may be working with other recruiters, we ask that you keep the identity of our candidates confidential to protect their current employment situation. As a prospective client inquires about our services, we will share this information with them in detail. A signed fee agreement is required before we can begin working on a search.

Resume Services
Resume Rehab - $100
Resume Design - $200
Payment must be received in advance for both services. Once payment is received, one of our consultants will contact you via e-mail to begin the process of creating your new resume!

Looking for a New Job?
We are happy to help you search for a new job. We are only as good as our candidates. There is no financial obligation required from any candidate in order to pursue new opportunities through us.